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TRN Engineering is young-medium sized company producing Industrial parts and counterweight. Our Concrete conunterweight density ranging from 2.40 kg/m to 3.50 kg/m3. The production area for producing counterweight is 3500 m2, and the production area for the industrial parts is 850 m2 and 35 employees.

High-quality concrete elements with individual shaping, made of normal or commercial clay.Through our own mold construction for plastic and steel molds, we are able to map customer-specific 3-D contours and to convert them industrially into high concrete part numbers. We can ensure timely project completion, end-to-end quality management and  Budget  control.

Initially we started as a pure industrial parts manufacturing company doing Roller conveyors, trolleys, pallets, pipe line works, etc after our success in Industrial parts and customer satisfaction we expanded our business areas to produce Mold Construction and Product development of Concrete Counterweight.

Today, we can offer our customers tailor-made concrete and concrete solutions, based on your ideas and our skill.
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